Case Study: Partner Tech Helps Cinemas Decrease Labor and Hardware Costs, and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Case Study: Partner Tech Helps Cinemas Decrease Labor and Hardware Costs, and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Retriever Solutions Case Study

In today’s dynamic economy, the Cinema industry has been impacted by rising labor costs, increased capital expenditures, and growing competition for customers. As a leading POS, Kiosk, and Mobile hardware provider in the Cinema industry, Partner Tech understands Cinemas’ needs for reducing labor costs, reducing hardware costs, and improving customer service through quality point-of-sale hardware.

Through working with individual cinemas, as well as long-standing partners like Retriever Solutions, a point-of-sale software provider and systems integrator for movie theaters, Partner Tech has been able to provide reliable and innovative hardware to help cinemas thrive.

Reduce Labor Costs

Employees are necessary for ticket sales, concessions sales, cleaning, maintenance and security, and are an essential part of keeping your cinema running smoothly. But employees also come at a large expense, and with several states increasing minimum wages in recent years, it is becoming important for cinemas to reduce labor costs.

Partner Tech understands this need. With our newly released Intelligent Self-Service Kiosks, our hardware is gaining traction in theaters across the country by helping to reduce unneeded labor costs. The placement of this hardware, such as our Alfred and Baldwin kiosks, diminish labor cost by enabling cinema management to better control staffing levels while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Partner Tech POS terminals offer better-than-ever performance, hour after hour and day after day. In addition to supporting maximum flexibility and functionality at the box office and concession counter, our terminals’ designs make them easy to use, so your employees can serve customers efficiently when it matters most.

Reduce Hardware Costs

Capital expenditures in the cinema industry have also been increasing in recent years, causing cinemas across the country to reduce costs in other areas. With IMAX and 3D-capable technology becoming the norm, and customers pushing for dine-in-theater options that require significant building renovations, cinemas are looking to hardware as a way to minimize expenses.

Partner Tech is part of the solution, as we understand that reducing hardware costs is imperative for running an effective cinema. This means your point-of-sale hardware must be competitively priced, reliable, durable, easy to operate and look stylish in your store environment.

“Partner Tech was able to present a line of products with consistent quality,” said the Retriever Solutions team. “The Partner tech relationship has enabled our customers to improve efficiencies and manage costs, and the sleek design of their hardware requires minimal interior space and accommodates a variety of decors.”

In addition, Partner Tech strategically works with point-of-sale partners in order to provide the best hardware cost-savings to Cinemas. “Partner Tech works with partners to offer the option of volume purchases on key product lines in order to manage cost and pass savings on to customers.”

Improve Customer Service

Partner Tech’s range of solutions for the cinema industry feature the advanced design, speed, mobility, and innovation needed to help cinemas run smoothly and keep customers happy. These solutions improve customer service by offering options for patrons to quickly purchase and claim tickets and items, offering maximum flexibility and functionality at the box office and concession counter.

“Our reputation in the marketplace depends on the quality of our products and services, “says the Retriever Solutions team. “We began working with Partner Tech fifteen years ago and we still do business with them today.  We trust that their hardware works, and we trust that Partner Tech’s staff will stand behind their products.”


Partner Tech looks forward to exhibiting at CinemaCon 2020 in Las Vegas from March 30 – April 2nd, 2020 and showcasing our innovative POS, Kiosk, and Mobile solutions for the Cinema industry. For more information about Partner Tech and our presence at CinemaCon 2020, visit our website, and schedule a meeting with our team at Booth 717J.

About Retriever Solutions

Retriever Solutions is a point-of-sale provider and systems integrator for movie theaters, providing comprehensive and fully integrated theater management, point-of-sale, web solutions and IT products for movie theater exhibition, and other retail environments.

Learn more about Retriever Solutions at their website, and visit their team at CinemaCon 2020, Booth 830J.

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