COVID-19 Safety Solutions

COVID-19 Safety Solutions 2022-03-08T19:02:34+00:00

The Solutions

Kiosk on Guard- Hand Sanitizer Auto-dispenser

Reduce the Risk of Infectious Agents

  • It’s essential to protect customers visiting stores.
  • The auto hand sanitizer creates a safer environment for customers as they can choose to sanitize before using the touchscreen and after the transaction.
  • Customers feel safe and at ease as they control their own experience.

UV-C light cleaning: An effective and automatic cleaning technology to keep touch screens safe to use

  • Automated and customizable disinfecting cycle
  • 99% effective in eradicating viruses, bacteria and mold.
  • Motion activated for the safe deployment of the UV-C light
  • Helps eliminate the transfer of harmful pathogens while being safe to customers, staff and  the community.

Antimicrobial Additive

FACT: Microbes can double in number every 20 minutes, resulting in stains, odors and illness-causing bacteria.

  • Our Audrey POS and Alfred Kiosk with Antimicrobial additive help resist germs and bacteria.
  • Where microbes can multiply on unprotected units, the Antimicrobial additive will begin to kill the germs that make to the surface.
  • The best weapon against microbial growth is antimicrobial paint.

Anti-bacteria touch screen protection shield

The anti-glare foil makes adhesion slightly more difficult for bacteria and viruses compared to the display and protects the display touch function from cleaning supplies and general usage.

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