Partner Tech Welcomes David Balzer as South East Sales Manager

What is your role at Partner Tech?

My name is David Balzer and I am Partner Tech’s new Sales Manager for the South East, based in Kentucky.

What is your background?

I may be new at Partner Tech, but I have worked many years in the POS  and mobility space with a lot of experience from working with channel business. In my previous job, I was an account executive at a large distributor, building relationships with the reseller community and I have a very good understanding of the what resellers need.

What do you do?

I have only worked for Partner Tech for a  couple of weeks, so I am still learning about the company and the products. I really like what I see so far! I spend most of my days, talking to distributors, resellers and end users. Mostly on the phone and zoom, but I am really looking forward to getting out and see customers in-person again.

What trends and opportunities do you see in the market now?

Customers are looking for self-service and contactless solutions. They want to avoid one-on-one interaction and they want to do less touching of things. The market is definitely coming back and we see particularly large demand for our kiosks and mobile products.

What challenges are retailers and hospitality companies facing post Covid?

Many of the mom-and-pop stores and restaurants that have been fighting so hard for their businesses during the pandemic are our customers and we are committed to help them recover and become more profitable again. Customers are returning, but now the mom-and-pops struggle to fill open positions. The staffing shortage is real and Partner tech is offering solutions that can increase productivity and help them do more with leaner teams. With managers and all other staff tied up in the day-to-day operation, it is really important that we make the rollouts as easy and seamless as possible in order to business interruptions.

Why should I partner with Partner Tech?

Partner Tech offers great, durable products and is one of few manufacturers that really stands by its products and offers a five-year warranty. As a sales manager, I really appreciate Partner Tech’s focus on building long-term, mutually rewarding relationships.

How do you spend your free time?

On the weekends, I like spending time with my family and going to my kids’ school functions and sports activities. I also enjoy listening to great motivational speakers watching my favorite sports teams and TV shows.

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