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Project Description



Hunger For Power

The SP-1060 POS terminal gives forward-thinking businesses options for speed, endurance, and performance now as well as the ability to add IoT solutions and new applications as technology advances and consumer trends change. .


  • Fanless design from Celeron all the way to i7 CPU (Celeron/i3/i5/i7)

  • Rear cover Aluminum Die-Casting construction for exceptional thermal dissipation

  • Future proof with support up to 2 signage Displays and compatible with iAMT (IOT Advance)

  • Latest DDR4 memory and SATA 3.0 support, maximized the access speed and efficiency

  • Supports USB 3.0

  • Dual LAN design supports a wide variety of network configurations



  • Optional Powered USB 12V * 1 & 24V * 1

  • Integrated Peripherals: MSR / IC Card / RFID / Fingerprint Reader / I-Button

Item   SP-1060 IoT Ready   SP-1060 IoT Advanced

  6th Generation Sky Lake – H110 Chipset

Celeron G3900TE

(2.3GHz, Dual Core, 2M Cache)


(2.7GHz, Dual Core, 4M Cache)

  6th Generation Sky Lake – Q170 Chipset


(up to 3.3GHz, Quad Core,  4M Cache)


(up to 3.4GHz, Quad Core,  8M Cache)

  LCD   15” Active TFT color LCD, resolution 1024 x 768, LED backlight
  Touch   Projected Capacitive Touch (Multi touch)

  DDR4 SODIMM (2133 MHz), 2x Memory, Standard Spec: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB

(Support up to 32GB)

  Storage   Internal 2.5” SATA BAY x 1 at Stand
  Internal 2.5” SATA BAY x 1 at Panel PC
  HDD Standard: 500 GB x 1 (default)
  SSD Standard Selection: 32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB
  External I/O Interface    2 * Serial ports, RS232 (DB9), RI/5V/12V selection by BIOS (COM1, COM2)
  2 * Serial ports, RS232 (RJ45), RI/5V/12V selection by JP (COM3, COM4)
  1 * DB-15 VGA port
  1 * RJ11 port supports 2 cash drawer with 24V
  1 * DC+12V out
  4 * USB 3.0
  1 * DC +12V input power-jack
  1 * Audio (1 * Line-out )
  1 * 3W Speaker
2 * LAN IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet

  1 * DB-15 VGA port, 1*HDMI

(supports 1 VGA or 1 HDMI monitor)

 1*DB-15 VGA, 1*HDMI

(supports two external monitors)

  External I/O Options   Powered USB 12V x1 & 24V x1  (Optional)
  Parallel Port (Optional)
  Expansion Slot   1 * Mini-PCIe slot
  RAID Function   N/A   On-Board
  Intel AMT Support   N/A   Yes
  Optional 2nd Displays   Customer display  (2 x 20 VFD) / 7″ LCD Monitor / 11.6″ LCD Monitor / 15″ LCD Monitor
  Optional Peripheral

 1.Three track encryption capable magnetic card reader (MSR)

2.MSR + chip card reader + fingerprint scanner

3.MSR + chip card reader + RFID

4.MSR + chip card reader + i-Button

5.32-key programmable keyboard (Support Win 7 only)

  Optional WiFi   Mini-PCIe interface card: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  Dimensions   Physical: 14.1 in (W) x 9.3 in (D) x 13.2 in (H)
  Adaptor   AC-In 100~240V / DC-Out 12V, 120W   (Optional 180W for Powered USB)
  Cable   RS-232 RJ-45 converts to RS-232 DB-9 (2 x Cables)
  OS   Window 7, POS Ready7, Window 8.1, Windows 8.1 Industry Pro Retail , Windows 10,
  Linux (Ubuntu)
  Reliability   System Operating Temperature: 0~40 degree
  System Humidity: 15% ~ 80%
  Storage Temperature: -20~60 degree