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The versatility and quality construction of the Partner Tech’s FT-460 FlipTop cash drawer make it a smart choice for your business. There is no need to choose between security of the cash in the till and great customer experiences at the checkout. With the FT-460, you can have it all.

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Flexible Design

The FT-460 has a practical design. The drawer is divided into configurable compartments, five for bills and eight for coins. This gives you the flexibility to arrange the cash drawer in a way that makes the most sense for your businesses and enhance cashier efficiency, enabling a quicker and more convenient checkout experience.

Secure, Quality Construction 

Partner Tech has designed the FT-460 with robust loss prevention measures. The cash drawer includes a lockable lid and a three-position security lock. In addition, the FT-460 includes a micro switch, which detects open and closed status of the cash drawer.  

The heavy-duty, all-steel FT-460 cash drawer also features a housing fitted with strong resistant hinges that stand up to high-volume use.

Additional Features

Color Options

The FT-460 is available in black or light grey to complement your POS system and your brand.


The FT-460 includes a printer-driven interface and can be supplied on request with either an RS232 or a USB interface.

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