The Hottest, Must-Have Technologies for Retail in 2018

The Hottest, Must-Have Technologies for Retail in 2018

The face of retail is changing and the development of intelligent solutions in retail stores is moving at a rapid pace.  An Accenture Technology study shows 52% of retail executives are investing in a digital technology as part of their overall business and are ready to adopt IoT solutions to improve customer experience.

Keep up with customer demand, give your sales associates what they need to successful at their jobs, and most importantly achieve what is expected of your store today.  Upgrading to IoT technology in retail stores can impact the entire customer experience as well as provide new efficiencies, such as automating inventory receiving and data collection operations.

Consider these hot technologies for 2018 that use sensors, data collection and cutting-edge software to create exciting new experiences for your customers:

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Virtual fitting room solutions are within reach using IoT advance POS from Partner Tech. Wearable devices for sales associates enable them to assist customers quickly, whenever they are needed.
  • Well-Known Customers: A combination of digital signage, facial recognition and beacon technologies recognition can provide you with advanced capabilities to recognize customers or their mobile devices for personalized in-store shopping experiences and to display an offer they can’t refuse, right at the point of decision.
  • More Effective Use of Store Resources: Combine Partner Tech’s Electronic Shelf Label solution with your POS system to streamline and centralize label management.
  • Convenient Self-Serve: Mini kiosks can provide information, ticketing, and self-pay options to allow customers to avoid lines.

Retail with Style

You don’t have to sacrifice style to have the latest technological advances. Options include stylish and compact POS solutions, as well as Partner Tech’s new portable POS innovation.  Make 2018 the year you take your retail business to a whole new level by exploring the possibilities intelligent, IoT solutions offer.

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