Intelligent Store Solution

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Intelligent store technology allows our partners the opportunity to create unique experiences that differentiate their brands and customer experiences encouraging them to return to the store again. They also pave the way for the future of intelligent stores where shoppers will have instantaneous access to information and one-click purchases while providing the ultimate in convenience and quick service.

Are you ready to usher your business into the future?



Precise Marketing

Achieve Your Goals from Awareness to Engagement to Driving New Business

Central control ads deployment system

Viewers’ analysis, Beacon system, Facial Recognition

Self Service

Show your customers you value their time

Kiosk Solution

Our Kiosk solution works seamlessly with Partner Tech Touch AIO Terminal from 14″ to 23″

Store Statistic

The fundamental for your brick and mortar store

POS Solution

Partner Tech POS solutions help you provide great customer service

Digitize Shelf Label

Beyond efficiency and accuracy through digital labeling

Electronic shelf label

Integrates with POS system for the instant price and product information update

Entertain Customer

And generates revenue through advertisements

Digital Signage

Our vast product portfolio forms the foundation of a wide range of integrated solutions and award-winning design templates that deliver unique and expansive display experiences

Big Data Analysis

A new competitive advantage for growth opportunities and efficiency

Traffic counting & occupancy control

Management performance analysis that assists in sales forecast for stock and manpower preparation

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