Partner Tech Announces the SP-1060

Partner Tech Announces the SP-1060

Partner Tech announces the SP-1060 Touch POS Terminal, designed for maximum performance in applications that require high computing power.


This robust POS terminal is powered by the Intel® 6th Generation Skylake platform supported with DDR4 RAM and SATA 3.0. The SP-1060 is capable of simultaneous triple display. The SP-1060 is an exceptional choice for businesses that want to future-proof their POS hardware investment with a terminal that provides optimal performance, even when running power-hungry applications or when supporting multiple tasks or IoT applications.


The SP-1060 is also built to keep performing in harsh, commercial environments. Its fanless design (no moving parts) makes it less vulnerable to damage from impact and or dust infiltration.



Additional Features:


  • 15” all-in-one unit, bezel-free with projective capacitive touch
  • Powered by Intel 6thGeneration Skylake Platform
  • Fanless  design
  • Standard 128 GB industrial  SSD
  • 350 nits LED LCD
  • HDMI port
  • Optional powered USB ports
  • Support for multiple peripherals ranging from Celeron to i7 CPU
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