Alfred AD-215/156

21.5″/15.6″ Interactive Kiosk

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The Alfred AD-215/156 is a technology rich solution that offers industrial grade performance with a high-quality design and Intelligent Self-Service Technology for efficient and interactive customer experience. Combined with the 21.5’ A7 Touch screen/ the 15.6″ A5 Touch screen and a wide range of CPU options that is able to meet the requirements of different scenarios in retail and hospitality. Vertical/ Horizontal and Floor Stand/counter top are available.

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Offer Your Customers the Convenience of Self-Service

Kiosks have become highly popular in many vertical markets, including retail, foodservice, lodging, healthcare, transportation, government, and gaming. But for some businesses, cost constraints, space limitations, and other factors make installing traditional freestanding kiosks difficult, if not impossible.

Time-Savings and Convenience for You and Your Customers
Partner Tech understands this challenge and has responded with a wide variety of kiosk solutions AD-215 Series including AD-215(Vertical), AD-215(Horizontal) counter top stand and floor stand to meet your needs. Our self-serve kiosks are built for longevity, and offers variety choice of processor to meet your business requirement.


Additional Features

  • 21.5” or 15.6″ LCD

  • Efficient processor choices including Kaby Lake i5 CPU handles latest applications at blazing speed
  • High speed M.2 PCIe SSD

  • Thermal Printer, 2D Barcode Scanner

  • Designed for maximum efficiency, longevity, flexibility & scalability to meet your business requirements

  • Options

    • RFID Reader
    • Wi-Fi
    • Payment Bracket
    • LED Indicator

How Partner Tech Kiosk Solutions Work For Your Business

  • Modular design and interchangeable configurations allow flexibility of use and accommodate business growth.
  • Choice of modules and peripherals suits individual business and kiosk application needs.
  • Integrated peripherals — including barcode and RFID readers, receipt printers, and payment terminal — add versatility and allow for easy customization.
  • Our all in one terminal’s fanless technology helps protect kiosks from damage from dust or dirt in the environment that can degrade internal components, helping kiosks perform reliably — and longer, maximizing return on investment.
  • Ruggedized construction including splash- and dust-resistant touchscreen technology minimizes the need for repairs and extends lifecycle.
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