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Count on Partner Tech to provide kiosk solution that’s right for your business and your budget

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Partner Tech Kiosk Solutions

Kiosks have become highly popular in many vertical markets, including retail, foodservice, lodging, healthcare, transportation, government, and gaming. But for some businesses, cost constraints, space limitations, and other factors make installing traditional freestanding kiosks difficult, if not impossible.

Partner Tech understands this challenge and has responded with a wide variety of kiosk solutions to meet your needs. Designed for maximum flexibility and scalability, ergonomically sound mini kiosk solutions from Partner Tech offer the functionality of their larger freestanding counterparts, at a significantly more affordable price.

Benefits For Retailers

In addition to being budget-friendly, a mini kiosk application offers a myriad of benefits, no matter the industry. Retailers, for example, can leverage the technology to create self-service stations where customers can obtain product information and suggestions for additional purchases, as well as pay for their items without waiting on a long checkout line and order items that aren’t available on the shelves, but are in stock at another store in the chain or in the warehouse. The end-result: an enhanced shopper experience and increased sales.

Benefits for Hospitality and Casinos

Mini kiosks are also assets to hospitality businesses. In quick-service restaurants, guests can use a mini kiosk to quickly and efficiently order and pay for their food, speeding up service and reducing labor expenditures. Hotels, too, can boost check-in and check-out efficiency while simultaneously bolstering guest satisfaction by offering a mini kiosk option as an alternative to waiting in line at the front desk.

Casinos can utilize mini kiosks for tracking players throughout the casino, as well as providing self-service stations for players to check their balances and redeem loyalty points.

Additional Features


Modular design and interchangeable configurations allow flexibility of use and accommodate business growth.

Optional Peripherals

Choice of modules and peripherals suits individual business and mini kiosk application needs.

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