CD-70 LCD Customer Display

A Brilliant and Stylish Customer Display

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In today’s competitive environment, it’s important to make the most of every touchpoint to capture a consumer’s attention, communicate your brand message, and enhance customer experiences. Partner Tech’s brilliant CD-70 customer display is a great way to create a more engaged and enjoyable checkout experience.

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The Customer’s-Eye View

The CD-70 enables you to allow your customers to see what a cashier sees during checkout, assuring them that transactions are accurate. It’s a brightly colored alternative to a two-line monochrome display.

Also, the CD-70’s stylish, bezel-free design will reflect well on your brand, letting customers know your technology — and your store — is modern and up to date.

Diverse CD-70 Applications

In addition to use as a second customer-facing display, the 7-inch CD-70 can also be used as a main display for applications requiring small monitors. The CD-70’s brilliant colors will capture shoppers’ attention when you project messaging, ads, or video.

Energy Savings

In addition to being stunningly brilliant, the CD-70 is practical and cost-efficient. Both the video signal and power are supplied to the monitor by USB connection (5V, 2.5W). The power consumption of CD-70 with LED backlight is low, which keeps energy costs low. It also includes an ON/OFF switch so you can turn it off when not in use.

Additional Features

Designed for Use in a Retail Environment

The CD-70 features a spill-proof, dust-proof TFT-LCD display, built to withstand use in a busy retail environment.

Flexible Mounting Options

The monitor has a range of mounting options including adjustable pole stand or VESA mount so you can position it perfectly for customer viewing.

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