SP-2500 Series

The Power and Options Your Need for Full POS Functionality

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The Partner Tech SP-2500 series takes flexibility to a whole new level. This powerful and attractive POS PC has no fixed configuration, so you can choose your modules and peripherals for a completely customized solution, perfectly suited for any business environment.

The Partner Tech SP-2500 series, which includes the SP-2511, SP-2515 and SP-2518, features an elegant, modular design that empowers you to choose the configuration you need. The powerful quad core, fanless PC transforms quickly into touch POS terminals that increase productivity and improve customer service in retail, hospitality and specialty stores.

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Engineer the Perfect POS Experience for Your Customers

The SP-2500 series is a dual-screen system that supports multiple sizes for both operation and customer-facing transactions. Select from an 11.6”, 15.6” or 18.5” screens.

The SP-2500 series features integrated option for 2D barcode scanners and MSRs —on both the front-facing and customer-facing displays. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and security of being able to scan QR codes from their smartphones or to swipe their loyalty or payment cards without having to hand them over to a cashier. You can easily transform the functionality of the SP-2500 with optional peripherals including NFC reader, and biometric fingerprint reader, which can be used on either display

Powerful Inside and Out

The SP-2500 terminals are powered by a quad core Intel Bay Trail J1900 CPU, which is powerful enough to handle your busiest days. The terminal is constructed using patented, fanless technology so it’s sealed against dust, dirt or liquid intrusion.

Windows Platforms for Intuitive Learning

Customizable from the inside out, the SP-500 series gives you a choice of Microsoft Windows operating systems so you can select the one that’s right for your business. Choose from Windows 8, 10 or Windows 8.1 Industry Pro Retail.

Additional Features

Flexible Interface

There are no one-size fits all solutions when it comes to your business. The SP-2500 series offers the freedom of fast, interchangeable configurations using five USB ports and optional powered USB.


Equipped for even the most data-rich tasks, the SP-2500 series supports a maximum of 8 GB.

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