Rugged and Reliable

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The PT-1550 POS PC gives you a reliable, cost-effective option for point of sale (POS) and light digital signage.
It’s a smart choice when you are looking for an innovative, yet practical, solution, to support your operations.
It is an excellent choice for kiosk solutions that can augment your capabilities with self-service options and
that can provide your customers with easy, convenient ways to access information, place orders, or complete
payment transactions without assistance.

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POS that Makes Sense

You need a POS system that complements the look and feel of your style and brand at the checkout. The PT-1550 has a +12V DC out power jack on the back panel that directly powers a POS monitor eliminating unsightly long cabling (as well as the cost of extra cabling).  It’s also compact, slim, and lightweight and provides options for tabletop and or wall mounting, so you can install it where it makes the most sense for your business. The PT-1550 is quiet — basically noiseless — so it doesn’t interfere with customer interactions.

Rugged Design

It’s important to choose a POS PC that can stand up to harsh retail or restaurant environments so you can get the most out of your investment. The PT-1550 is built with a rugged, all-aluminum housing that’s resistant to grease and spills and a fanless design that minimizes damage to internal components from dust and dirt.


It’s not only tough on the outside. The PT-1550 is powered by the Intel® Celeron J1900 CPU with up to 8 GB of memory that enables it to run the most demanding applications with ease so your customers are never left waiting.

Flexible Interface Options

The PT-1550 POS PC includes a wide range of I/O interface options, allowing you to change configurations based on the devices you are using — if your operations change, the PT-1550 gives you the ability to upgrade or change devices to suit new requirements.

Additional Features

Operating System

The PT-1550 supports Windows 7, POS Ready 7, Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu) to give you the option to use the OS that’s right for your business.

Energy Efficiency

This POS PC is designed to be energy efficient, helping you meet your corporate goals to operate in an environmentally consciousness manner and to minimize energy costs.

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