Partner Tech , Now With Qisda – a Top 100 Global Tech Leader

Partner Tech , Now With Qisda – a Top 100 Global Tech Leader

Partner Tech joined the Qisda family in 2014 as the face of Point of Sale Technology and Intelligent Store Solutions for the third largest OEM/ODM in the world.  The coupling of Partner Tech’s in-depth experience and expertise in POS solutions and Qisda’s abundant resources, Partner Tech has strengthened its vertical integration by providing Intelligent Store Solution and Customer Analytics.

Partner Tech offers a broader range of solutions catering to specific business requirements and adds extra value to our customers with our Intelligent Store solutions  Retailers regardless of the market or vertical will be able to craft creative customer experiences, automate processes, maintenance and generate new revenue streams as a result of market leadership.

Qisda Named 2018 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Technology Leader

Qisda was recognized as a 2018 Top 100 Global Technology Leader by Thomson Reuters. The inaugural program identifies the tech industry’s most operationally sound and financially successful organizations. These identified companies are those whose final scores (including Financial, Risk and Resilience, Innovation, People and Social Responsibility, Environmental Impact, and so on) across the pillars outshine over 5,000 other technology companies around the world.

Qisda/BenQ Group consists of 20+ companies of various scales and possesses over 10,000 employees all over the world. These companies are involved in a wide range of sectors and expertise that includes displays, solar energy, fine chemicals and advanced materials, LED lighting, IC design, precision components, and system products.



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