Qisda Elected “Top 100 Global Tech Leaders”

Qisda Elected “Top 100 Global Tech Leaders”

Partner Tech, a Qisda company. We are very excited being elected as one of the “Top 100 Global Tech Leaders” 

We will continuously put efforts to bring new technology to our customers to improve operational efficiency and maximize store investment ROI.  

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Qisda Elected “Top 100 Global Tech Leaders”

Global media institution Reuters adopts overall industry indicators to evaluate global information technology industry for the first time, selecting the leaders that lead the industry. Qisda is elected with honor as one of the “Top 100 Global Technology Leaders”. The report mentioned that successful IT companies nowadays not only display highly-efficient daily operations but seek differentiation of technology, investing in more specific management in aspects such as global regulations, supply chain and environment. Therefore, Reuters use 28 unique indicators from eight aspects – finance, management and investor confidence, risk, law compliance, innovation, employee and social responsibility, environmental impact and reputation, to evaluate IT companies with revenues exceeding US$1 billion. The 28 unique indicators represent the key factors of enterprise long-term success. Including Qisda, 12 Taiwan-based companies are on the list – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC), Acer, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE Group), ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUSTeK), LITE-ON Technology Corporation (LITE-ON), Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI), Quanta Computer, Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (SPIL), United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), Wistron Corporation (Wistron), Pegatron Corporation (Pegatron) and Nanya Technology Corporation (Nanya Technology); they are all enterprises with significant impact on the IT industry.

With a review of the 28 indicators, one may discover that the evaluation of the corporate financial performance is not only restricted to that of profitability, but of corporate asset value, the use of financial leverage, capital ROI (Return of Interest) and revenue increase rate for the past three years; the indicators also undergo all-industry evaluation for corporate governance, investor confidence, the numbers of operational lawsuit and dispute, etc. in the past years, Qisda has compiled with the law, has been run with integrity while achieving high scores in overall financial performance to win confidence of the society and investors. It also has a fair reputation in media and social network. This is one of the reasons for Qisda to be elected. The evaluation of Reuters, different from other evaluation mechanisms, includes media impression of a company when evaluating negative corporate news and negative social media sound volume.

Innovation, risk, operational flexibility and environmental and human right protection are also the important dimensions of the 28 indicators. Our company invests a huge amount of efforts to optimize existing business model and transformation, deploying in advance new business fields while continuing to pursue fair patents in R&D fields while having its design reaching energy-saving, volume reduction and carbon reduction so that its products and manufacturing procedure can be more environmental-friendly. In addition, it asks suppliers to deepen related environmental requirements; in carbon management, the company wins a high score of “Engagement Level A- for global “Carbon Disclosure Project “ for two consecutive years. We have focused on sustainability issues and systemized as well as put into a structure for “Corporate Sustainability” since 2010, continuing in performance management in the five aspects of “green product”, “green operation”, “green supply chain”, “social responsibility” and “financial performance”. Up until now, related results have won various recognition, winning “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Gold Award”, “Asia Sustainability Ranking”, Taiwan’s top Bloomberg “Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) sustainability investigation”, “Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award for Electronic Technology Group”. Facing an operational environment with changes being the norm, risk management is an important measure to ensure the corporate sustainability development. Qisda has led its peers in establishing the related mechanism and won the recognition of “Annual Best Business Continuity Management Award” of StrategicRISK in 2017.

It requires financial performance as well as performance in various aspects such as management, investor confidence, risk, compliance, innovation, employee and social responsibility, environmental impact and reputation for a company to excel out of numerous IT companies globally and rank as one of the Top 100 Global Tech Leaders. This is a key factor to elevate company value and let the enterprise to have sustainable development. The tasks cannot be achieved without individual specialization of various departments and teamwork. Through the cooperation of all employees to win all-around achievement, Qisda has become an enterprise that continues to pursue excellence and can lead the world to enter the future!

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