Customer Displays That Outshine the Rest

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Today’s customers want information at every stage of the shopping journey, and standing at the POS terminal watching as the cashier totals their purchases is no exception. Partner Tech’s CD-7220 series of POS customer displays present information in a bright, easily readable format.

These vacuum fluorescent displays feature a pleasing, blue-green color makes prices or messaging visible, even in highly lit areas. And in stylish black or cool white, they complement any point of sale design, as well as your style and brand.

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Adjustable for an Optimal View

Partner Tech cleverly designed the CD-7220 with the flexibility to position the display so your customers have the most comfortable, readable view.  The head can rotate up to 270o and can tilt up to 35o to make it easy for your customers to read the display. In addition, the telescoping pole can be set at four different heights to accommodate different styles of checkout out counters. And if you renovate your business, the display will adapt to new height specs, continuing to enhance the POS experience for customers and to get return on your investment.

The CD-7220 can use a single cable for data and power, or you can choose the option of a configuration that draws power from a printer instead of an external 12V power supply. Fewer cables means a neater, more pleasing appearance of your checkout counter and more room for merchandise and impulse buy displays.

So Nice You Can Say It Twice

In addition to the CD-7220, which has a single display of up to 40 characters, we also offer the CD-7220D, which has a dual display of 40 characters on each side. The two displays are independent, so they can show the same or different messages.

Additional Features

Built for Durability

The CD-7220 is designed for long life and reliable operation — the mean time between failures is an impressive 25,000 hours.

Interface Options

CD-7220 models have USB and RS-232 serial connectivity, with a pass-through function available to give you a variety of configurations to choose from.

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