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Reduce Service Costs. Maximize Uptime.

Partner Tech’s Cloud Device Management (CDM) platform helps you automate POS deployments and enables you to remotely monitor and manage all your installed POS terminals, kiosks, mobile devices, self-checkout systems, and peripherals. As a result, you significantly reduce your service costs and maximize your system’s uptime.


Remotely monitor the health and performance of your POS devices.


Proactively manage your hardware & software – from anywhere.


Automate system maintenance and scheduling of tasks.

Device Management 

  • Remotely monitor and manage all registered devices and peripherals 
  • View online/offline status for all devices and peripherals 
  • Easily assign task by device or group(s) 
  • Easily assign devices to groups, and unique terminal names 
  • Supports remote control connection through third party applications 

System Updates 

  • Install and uninstall software 
  • Update drivers, applications, and firmware 
  • Manage backups, factory resets, and reinstall system backups 
  • Apply tasks to a single device, all devices, or to a group of devices 

Lifecycle Tracking

  • Track the health of your terminals to plan upgrades and prevent failure
  • Access information about the OS and BIOS versions, installed apps, and the status of the device’s hard drive, RAM, storage and processor

Task Management

  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly maintenance tasks
  • Define if tasks should run overnight or require user approval
  • View all assigned tasks and if they were successfully implemented

User Management & Notifications

  • Manage user access and create new CDM admin accounts
  • Set conditions (terminal off-line, CPU busy, storage low) for when notifications should be sent to assigned contacts

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