SPM Series

A POS Touchscreen Monitor for Any Application

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Partner Tech’s SPM Series is a line of powerful, beautiful, and durable point of sale (POS) touchscreen monitors that can improve employee productivity as well as enhance the décor of your business.

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Screen Size: The Choice is Yours

Touchscreen monitors aren’t “one size fits all.” Different applications, such as checkout, digital signage, order entry, or customer facing displays, require different sized monitors. The Partner Tech SPM Series POS touch monitors are available in three panel sizes: 11.6 inches (SPM-116) and 15.6 inches (SPM-156) giving you the flexibility to choose how you POS software’s user interface will be displayed and the size that fits best the workspace — you can choose to use them on the countertop or on the wall using a VESA mount.

The Right Touch

The sensitivity of your touchscreen can affect the accuracy of data entry. For this reason, you need a touchscreen that is responsive enough to quickly register a tap of a fingertip, but not so sensitive that a light and accidental bump might enter incorrect information. The SPM Series features projected capacitive touch (PCT), a multitouch technology used in many consumer devices. It makes it easy for your staff to use the touchscreen — without repeatedly tapping icons — making checkout a quicker and more pleasant experience for your customers.

Choose Tools You Need

Point of sale hardware needs to be versatile and scalable in order to meet a wide variety of unique needs and grow with your business. Choosing the SPM Series means you can choose to include integrated peripherals such as magnetic stripe reader (MSR), smart card reader, RFID, biometric fingerprint reader, iButton, 2D scanner, or camera, to add the functionality your business needs

Additional Features


The SPM series of POS touch monitors have a unique modular design that provides easy access for maintenance.

Display Optimization

A convenient on-screen display (OSD) that allows you to adjust settings.

Interface Options

SPM Series POS touch monitors connect with a 3-in-1 cable (USB, Power, VGA).

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