SP-1060 Touch POS System

Powerful, Future-Proof Touch Terminal

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This high-end industrial-grade POS terminal is designed for businesses that require high computing power as well as the ability to scale and add advancing technology to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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A Smart Investment Now

Retailers are challenged to operate as efficiently as possible, while still providing great customer experiences. The SP-1060 touch POS terminal supports dual LAN, one network for internal ERP and secure data transfer and the other for Internet uses such as marketing and CRM.

An Investment that Lasts into the Future

Partner Tech’s SP-1060 offers you the flexibility to scale as your business needs change. This touch POS terminal is available in “IoT Ready” and “IoT Advanced” models that support smart applications. The SP-1060 IoT Advanced model also can be configured with options that allows it to support up to three digital signage displays and external USB displays.

Built to Last

The SP-1060 features a rugged design. It is fanless and ventless, which helps prevent damage from dust, and, with no moving parts, they are less likely to be damaged from occasional impacts or vibrations in busy retail environments. In addition some components vulnerable to damage from spills are located inside the base to help protect them.


To provide the computing power your business needs, the SP-1060 features Intel® processors from Quad Core Celeron to i7. The SP-1060 IoT-ready model runs on 6th Generation Sky Lake H110 chipset and the IoT Advanced model runs on the Q170 chipset, which supports Intel Active Management Technology (iAMT) that allows devices to be diagnosed and repaired remotely, ultimately lowering IT support costs.

Additional Features


The SP-1060 features a 15-inch TFT color LCD, LED backlit, PCT monitor with 1024×768 resolution.

Operating System

The SP-1060 terminal works with your preferred operating system, whether Windows 7, POS Ready 7, Windows 8.1, Industry Pro Retail, Windows 10 or Linux (Ubuntu).


Customers want the convenience of quick, accurate service. The SP-1060 features fast, reliable connectivity and a SATA 3.0 interface that gives you twice the data transfer speed as the previous model.

Optional Peripherals

Choose from optional integrated peripheral combinations:

  1. MSR
  2. MSR + smart card reader + fingerprint scanner
  3. MSR + smart card + RFID
  4. MSR + smart card + i-Button
  5. 32-key programmable keyboard

Additional peripherals available for the SP-1060 include:

  • 2*20 VFD
  • CD-70 7-inch Display(USB)
  • SPM-116 11.6-inch display with options
  • Options for SPM-116
  • 2D scanner
  • Camera
  • NFC reader
  • Chip card reader
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