SP-2600 Series

Reinvent the POS Experience, the Transformer with 999+ Configurations

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Every retail store needs to leverage outstanding experiences at touchpoint to win customer loyalty. Take advantage of the opportunity to wow customers at the point of sale (POS) with the Partner Tech SP-2600. We’ve nicknamed it the “Transformer” for its superior configurability, scalability, and power.

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Show Some Muscle

Electronics, clothing, department, and other retail chain stores require uncompromising computing power and speed — and this will only become more apparent as we make progress into the Internet of Things (IoT) era when more and more devices will feed data to your POS system.

The SP-2600 is available in two models: the SP-2600 IoT Ready model is powered by Intel Celeron through i3-6100 Dual Core, and the SP-2600 IoT Advanced model is powered by i5 to i7 to handle heavy workloads, high volumes, and advanced applications.

POS That Does More

As consumers become more accustomed to technology in their daily lives, the POS is evolving into a multimedia center. The modularized SP-2600 “Transformer” gives you options to optimize the checkout and payment transaction experience to reflect your tech-savvy, forward-thinking brand.

The SP-2600 allows you to choose from two sizes for dual widescreens (11.6”, 15.6” ) to optimally display your POS system interface as well as messaging on the customer-facing side for barrier-free communication. The displays are controlled independently, so you can show the same screen or different screens at the checkout. The i5/i7 model supports up to three independent displays, with the option to support high-quality digital signage.

Both the front-facing and customer-facing displays have integrated option MSR, NFC and barcode scanners. This feature allows customers to swipe loyalty or payment cards and scan barcode or QR codes on coupons and offers sent to their smartphones without assistance from a sales associate.

Invest in a Future-Proof System

The SP-2600 offers unparalleled connectivity options —vital to fulfilling large and rapid data transfer requirements as your company expands its Big Data and edge analysis and adds functionality such as facial recognition, thanks to data collected from the integrated camera option.

It also supports dual LAN that will help keep your data secure in an IoT environment. Internal ERP applications such as CRM, inventory, and payment transactions can be handled on a separate LAN, segmented from external applications used for mobile devices, digital signage and camera systems.

IoT Advanced model (i5/i7) also supports Intel Active Management Technology (iAMT) that allows devices to be diagnosed and repaired remotely, ultimately lowering IT support costs.

Additional Features

Sleek and Stylish

Modern design with integrated cables means there’s only one external cable to plug in, keeping counters uncluttered by eliminating multiple cables at the checkout.

Peripheral Options

Choose additional peripherals for either the front or customer facing displays including MSR, biometric fingerprint reader, near field communication (NFC) reader and barcode scanner.

User Friendly

The SP-2600 is designed for easy installation and maintenance and you can expand its functionality at any time to “transform” the customer POS experience.


The SP-2600 is designed for easy installation and maintenance and you can expand its functionality at any time to “transform” the customer POS experience.

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