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Cross-Industry Grand Fleet 
Qisda Group is equipped with an integrated cross-industry value chain and leading key technologies. Through the vertical division of labor and horizontal integration, the Group achieves the most optimal synergy and provides key components, product manufacturing, system development and integration services to the global market. Technology and product application coverage: Display products, energy solutions , fine chemical industry and advanced materials, LED lighting, IC design, precision components, consumer electronics, commercial and industrial solutions, product sale and service, etc. The Group values the realization of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life” with technology and is committed to bringing better life to the world, to create value for enterprises, and to achieve sustainable operations.

Group Synergy
Smart Solutions


  • 集團LOGO-拍檔

    Partner Tech

    The best partner in smart retail solutions, providing software and hardware financial services and virtual reality integration solutions, including high quality POS systems, self-service equipment, and software and hardware integration solutions for diverse retail and smart stores. Presently, the company has several thousand customers in the retail and catering business, and the market share for chain catering information systems in Taiwan has exceeded 40%. The company has 12 service offices worldwide and products are sold in over 100 countries.

  • 集團LOGO-DFI


    A global leader in industrial computers and embedded solutions, with an annual sale volume of embedded motherboards exceeding 1 million units worldwide. Up to the present day, over 10 million machines worldwide use embedded products from DFI. The products are applied in various fields such as factory automation, medicine, gambling, smart transportation, smart energy, logistics technology and smart retail, etc.

  • 集團LOGO-邁達特
    The most professional value-added IT brand channel service provider in Taiwan, with business expanding overseas. The company provides flexible, fast and diverse services, distributing the products of nearly 50 brands. The company has established the first software R&D center in the agency industry and provides diverse solutions, in order to assist customers to achieve cloud and on-premises integration within the trend of digital transformation.
  • 集團LOGO-羅昇企業
    Ace Pillar
    An expert in providing technical services for smart automation, and the best choice of supplier for factory automation parts. The company provides more than 2,500 types of factory automation parts and products to over 3,000 customers, and has established a remarkable reputation. In the factory automation field, the company provides diversified brands and complete production lines to customers. The company also provides the best integrated services for automated electrical and mechanical engineering, machinery, system and technical consultation, design, trial runs and after-sales.
    AEWIN Technologies
    A professional manufacturer for networking platforms, edge computing and cloud servers, as well as a leader in industrial computer networking equipment. The company provides complete Intel and AMD hardware platform design services mainly used in firewalls, unified threat management (UTM), software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), application delivery controllers, network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI), edge artificial intelligence (Edge AI), multi-access edge computing servers (MEC) and 5G virtual radio access networks (5G vRAN).
  • 集團LOGO-英-BBS
    BenQ Business Solutions
    With a focus on “highly integrated software and hardware solutions, one-stop shop, innovative high efficiency green operations”, BenQ Business Solutions provides six main solutions: smart retail, smart healthcare, smart energy, smart manufacturing, smart enterprise, and smart education. Through the integration of a variety of software and hardware, the company is able to satisfy the demands and services of front-line customers.
  • 集團LOGO-英-BenQ Guru
    BenQ Guru
    BenQ Guru is a solution provider with leading IT technology, consulting services and business process outsourcing solutions in the Greater China region. Through the planning and implementation of BPM, HCM, SRM and MES, the company provides IT services to enterprise customers based on the global management and operation experience of more than 20 years of BenQ Qisda Group and the management know-how accumulated from hundreds of well-known enterprises.
  • 集團LOGO-達昇能源
    ACE ENERGY upholds the notion of smart energy saving and green energy sustainability. The company focuses on providing energy solutions, including energy-saving solutions for air conditioning, air compressor and lighting, as well as electricity management, energy management systems, energy storage systems, waste heat recovery, monitoring power consumption, and relevant data network connection management. Through the sharing of energy-saving benefits and the establishment of green energy systems, the company has established long-term partnership with customers.

IT Business

  • 集團LOGO-英-BenQ Corp
    BenQ is not only a leading global brand in LCD monitors and projectors but also in personal, professional, and educational digital products, with products sold in over 100 countries worldwide, providing enjoyment and quality to life for consumers.
    Data Image Corporation
    Leader in professional display technology, specialized in the research and development of special application panels, HMI touch panels applied in navigation, industrial computers, special vehicles and medical care, and providing professional product design and diverse production services.
    DIVA Laboratories
    Manufacturer of high-end displays for medical purposes, supplying products to international first-tier ODM customers for numerous years. Products of the company include picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) for diagnostic and medical purposes, endoscopy testing, surgery, ultrasonic testing, etc. The company has accumulated nearly thirty years of extensive experience in the research and development of high-end displays.
  • 集團LOGO-topview
    Topview Optronics
    An expert in providing security control with integrated AIoT solutions based on its core technology in visual images. Specialized in providing ODM/JDM services to international brand customers. Provides complete production lines for imaging security control from front-end computation to back-end management. Products are made in Taiwan and comply with the US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) standard. The company is the first in the industry to launch the OSSA ecosystem AIoT IP camera in the world.
  • 集團LOGO-Simula
    Simula Technology
    A manufacturer with products including connectors and key components that also provides solutions. The company provides standard connectors, cables and customization services to customers, with a focus on the automotive, medical, industrial, consumable and wearable markets.

Networking Business


    Alpha Networks Inc.

    As the most complete DMS networking company with solid technologies, international experience, and self-developed software and hardware products, Alpha Networks Inc. is able to provide various products such as local area networks (LAN) and metropolitan area networks (MAN), wireless networks, mobile broadband networks, digital multimedia and enterprise mobile solutions, etc. The company has established R&D centers in Taiwan, China and the US.

  • 集團LOGO-仲琦科技

    Hitron Technologies

    A global leading brand in broadband network equipment, DOCSIS brand products rank third in the world in terms of market share, with total worldwide output volume exceeding 40 million units. The company is equipped with industry-leading wired (DOCSIS) broadband access network technology, and has launched the first network gateway with DOCSIS 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 certification in the world, as well as mobile network backhaul equipment supporting DOCSIS Timing Protocol (DTP) .

  • 集團LOGO-idt
    Interactive Digital Technologies
    A leading company in local system integration spanning across 4G/5G telecommunication and broadband communication networks, digital media, information clouds, geographic information. The company also integrates and develops customized platforms, in order to provide comprehensive solutions to customers. Over the past years, the company has received honorable awards for its outstanding performance in sustainable governance from Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone and Taiwan Mobile, etc.

Key Components

  • 集團LOGO-AUO

    AU Optronics

    AUO is a global leading manufacturer in optoelectronic solutions and is equipped with complete generations of production lines from G3.5 to G8.5, making it a world-class panel manufacturer. Since 2010, AUO has been selected as one of the component stocks for the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

  • 集團LOGO-AUO Crystal

    AUO Crystal

    AUO Crystal’s major business focuses on the manufacturing of solar energy upstream materials. The company is also one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan and the solar energy industry with high quality single crystal wafer manufacturing technologies. In addition, the company also provides complete solutions for ingots and wafers to customers.

  • 集團LOGO-Ennostar
    ENNOSTAR, established in January 2021 through the share exchange between the two giant Taiwanese LED groups Epistar and Lextar Electronics, is committed to becoming an international compound semiconductor investment platform. The product range and applications include displays, professional lighting, automotive applications, sensors, 5G communication and power components, etc.
    DARWIN Precisions
    Darwin Precisions (formerly Forhouse) was established in 1989 and merged with BriView in October 2014, is a leader in the integration of upstream and downstream optical components, precision processing parts and molds, full-size backlight modules,television products and services.
    DAXIN Materials
    Daxin Materials is a material R&D and design company that emphasizes fundamental scientific knowledge with the integration of simulation analysis and experiment design and focuses on diverse advanced material R&D. Through material development and innovation, the company provides the most advanced and customized solutions. The company was established in 2006 under the joint venture of AUO and Eternal Materials.
  • 集團LOGO-Raydium
    Raydium Semiconductor
    Raydium Semiconductor is a leading integrated circuit design company in Taiwan and has been a leader in AMOLED display driver ICs in both China and Taiwan. The company is also ranked in the top 10 of IC design companies in Taiwan. The company focuses on providing complete solutions for a diverse and complete series of display driver ICs, touch control ICs, power management and timing control ICs. Products are applied in various fields such as AIoT, smart TVs, professional gaming, computer information, mobile and wearable devices, automotive applications and industrial computers, etc.
    DARFON Electronics
    A leader in world-class precision components, materials and green energy technologies, while also providing innovative peripheral components, passive components and green energy solutions for IT.

Medical Business

  • 集團LOGO-英-Nanjing BenQ Medical Center

    Nanjing BenQ Medical Center

    A third-level general hospital approved for establishment in China by the Ministry of Health, China, and established by BenQ Qisda Group based on the principles of contributing to society and providing services to the general public. Since its establishment in 2008, the hospital has been dedicated to the fields of healthcare, technology research and teaching, and has become BenQ Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, fourth clinical medical college of Nanjing Medical University. The hospital is devoted to becoming an international teaching hospital of high standard and characteristics.

  • 集團LOGO-英-Suzhou BenQ Medical Center

    Suzhou BenQ Medical Center

    A national third-level general foreign hospital. In May 2021, the hospital and Suzhou University jointly established the “Suzhou University BenQ Clinical Medicine Research Institute”. Through an innovative development model, and the advanced planning and industrial layout based on the principle of “integrating medical education and research”, a new path for the transformation of medical and health technology innovation and results complying with international standards has been established.

  • 集團LOGO-英-K2 International Medical
    K2 International Medical
    A professional agent and channel service provider in the fields of hemodialysis, plasma therapy, blood capsule business and aesthetic medicine. Presently, it ranks as one of the top 5 enterprises in hemodialysis channels in Taiwan. Besides Taiwan, it has also established overseas offices in China (Shanghai), Thailand and Indonesia.
  • 集團LOGO-英-BenQ Biotech
    BenQ Biotech (Shanghai)
    BenQ Biotech (Shanghai) is an advanced technology medical equipment enterprise under the BenQ Qisda Group, and is located at Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai. Its scope of business mainly focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and sale of hemodialysis products.
  • 集團LOGO-英-BenQ Medical Technology
    BenQ Medical Technology Corporation
    Provider of high quality, reliable and innovative medical equipment, consumables and solutions. The company is also one of the largest professional medical equipment manufacturers in Taiwan, ranking in the top 3 of operation table manufacturers in China, and ranking in the top 3 of ultrasonic machine manufacturers in Taiwan. Products are sold to more than 50 countries worldwide and have obtained international certifications such as GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, CE and SGS, etc.
  • 集團LOGO-英-BenQ Dialysis
    BenQ Dialysis Technology
    Established in 2014, specialized in providing outstanding dialysis related products and services. Under the resources of BenQ Qisda Group, the company expects to provide comprehensive solutions to end-stage renal patients worldwide, in order to receive greater treatment experience and living quality.
  • 集團LOGO-英-BenQ Healthcare
    BenQ Healthcare
    BenQ Healthcare aims to provide a large, comprehensive health platform with the integration of online and offline resources, in order to expand care for seniors and to provide products such as the Fortune series of medical masks, carefully selected health foods, protective shields and oximeters, etc. New Best Hearing Aids under BenQ Healthcare is specialized in hearing care services, to achieve a happy health-oriented life for the general public.
  • 集團LOGO-英-BenQ Materials
    BenQ Materials
    BenQ Materials specializes in materials science. As the world’s leading display materials solution provider, we’ve expanded our materials science expertise to consumer products that satisfy the needs of people’s daily lives.
  • 集團LOGO-英-Golden Spirit
    Golden Spirit
    Golden Spirit is a leading domestic brand for 75% medicinal alcohol, as well as an agent for distributing the relevant products of Metrex, the world’s largest medical disinfectant group in the US. Golden Spirit also includes the subsidiaries Bigmin Bio-Tech and E-Strong Medical Technology. E-Strong Medical Technology manufactures medical products, while Golden Spirit and Bigmin Bio-Tech focus on the sale of products.
  • 集團LOGO-英-BenQ AB DentCare
    BenQ AB DentCare
    Established under a joint venture with the implant giant manufacturer AB Dental Device Ltd. to enter the dental market in Asia Pacific. The company is specialized in providing comprehensive digital dental solutions, including implant systems necessary for dental implant surgery, 3D digital scanning, 3D precision printing of dental implant positioning plates, in order to provide complete digital treatment plans for increasing surgery success rates, improving patient satisfaction, and enhancing clinical effectiveness.

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