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Scalable Retail POS Solutions for Every Type of Store

Partner Tech's modular and innovative retail POS solutions scale with your business – from a single store to multiple location chains, there is one that is right for you.

Retail Hardened Touch Screen POS

Partner Tech offers a broad selection of touch screen POS computers that are designed to speed up checkout and improve customer interaction in high-paced retail environments. Select from different screen sizes and mounting solutions. Finally, customize with peripherals and accessories, including card readers, customer facing displays, printers and mounting solutions that fit your needs.
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Staff shortages and raising labor costs combined with customers' increased demand for convenience and contactless are driving the adoption of self-checkout in retail. For this reason, Partner Tech's offers several kiosk and self-service solutions that can be customized with a large selection of peripherals and payment solutions. In addition, customers can select from different screen sizes and and mounting solutions to make sure it is perfect for the space.

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Price Checker

Make it easy for customers to check the price and find product information with in-aisle price checkers strategically placed throughout the store. Not only can it be used as price checker, but it can also offer marketing and cross-selling opportunities as well as the ability to call a store associate for help. Partner Tech’s touch display terminals such as Audrey A5 or A7 can easily be configured as a price checker with a wall mount and a bar code scanner module.

Mobile POS & Line Busting

A mobile POS/line busting solution allows customers to skip the lines during busy peak hours. Moreover, faster service translates into more sales and fewer abandoned carts. A mobile POS solution also makes it quicker to set up outdoor seasonal sales.

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