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Level Up Your Restaurant with the Right POS and Kiosk Solutions

Successful restaurants need technology to keep up. Whether you operate a QSR, coffeeshop or full-service restaurant, Partner Tech’s solutions help run your business smoothly and are built to withstand spills, grease and steam to ensure maximum uptime.

Restaurant-grade Touch Screen POS


Partner Tech offers a broad selection of versatile touch screen POS computers that are designed to speed up ordering and payment in high-paced restaurant environments. Our flag ship solution, Audrey POS terminal features a sleek minimalistic design and is packed with power to handle high transaction volumes.


Partner Tech’s POS computers are modular and customizable with a large selection of POS peripherals such as receipt printers, cash drawers, customer displays, and payment brackets to meet the requirements of each restaurant. We offer multiple screen sizes and mounting solutions, and because accidents happen, our touch screen POS computers are spill-proof.


Kiosks/Self Service Solutions


Staff shortages and increasing wages combined with customers’ desire for convenience, is speeding up the adoption of self-order solutions in QSRs. Kiosks reduce wait time and improve order accuracy while allowing the staff to focus on other tasks. Self-order kiosks allow restaurants to quickly increase capacity during peak hours.


Partner Tech offers several spill-proof kiosk solutions, including Alfred AD-215 Alfred AD-156 and K27 – and because floor space is a premium, both models are available with a countertop stand, floor stand, and wall mount. The kiosk can be customized with a broad selection of peripherals, including payment brackets, printers, bar code scanners, ADA keypad, LED information bar and more.



Kitchen Display Systems


Kitchen display systems replace printer and paper-based kitchen systems, greatly improving the communication between the kitchen and the front house staff. This results in faster turnaround time, less mistakes, and most importantly; satisfied customers.


Partner Tech's KDS series is a restaurant-grade kitchen display system for real-time order tracking. It is designed to handle extended exposure to heat and steam and the entire unit is IP54-rated and the front has an IP65-rating. The vapor proof cover protects all the connectors in the back and a smart tubing system conceals and protects the cables in the back.



Mobile POS & Line Busting

The adoption of mobile POS and mobile payments continues to grow. In restaurants, tablets and mobile computers are used for mobile order and payment, resulting in a streamlined order process with less wait time for the guests and an increased the table turnover. In addition, mobile solutions can be used for line busting in quick service restaurants during peak hours.

Partner Tech's M3w-2 tablet is ideal for mobile POS and tableside ordering, offering both anintegrated magnetic stripe reader and EMV reader for chip-based credit cards. In addition, the tablet shas a bar code scanner and supports NFC for contactless payments.

Curb Side Pickup

With more contactless delivery options becoming popular, including curbside pickup, restaurants need tools to support the new way of doing business. Partner Tech’s mobile terminal M3w-2 tablet allow customers to quickly confirm the order directly on the screen.

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