A Smoother Check-in Experience 
Hotels are increasingly turning to POS, Kiosk, and mobile solutions to improve the guest experience and streamline the hotel operations. Many hotels are struggling with staffing shortages and rising operational costs, and self-service kiosks can be used to offset some of these challenges while still providing the high-quality services guests expect. Kiosks offers guests a convenient option for self-checkin/out, whereas the hotel staff can focus on other value-adding services. 



Partner Tech Solutions for Hotels


Partner Tech’s hotel solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the hotel industry, and we understand the importance of providing the best possible guest experience. Alfred 215/156-H is purpose-built kiosk solution for hotels and it allows guests to take care of both payment and encoding of the key card. In addition, Partner Tech offers a broad selection of POS terminals and other kiosk solutions that meet the needs of the demanding hotel environment. Partner Tech solutions are designed streamline check-in/checkout process, resulting in more convenience for the guest and reduced operational costs.


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