Digital Signage Solution

Create and deliver engaging and interactive content for all your displays - with minimal cost and effort, using the X-Sign digital signage solution.


Streamline the Entire Process – from Design to Delivery

X-Sign is an end-to-end digital signage software solution designed to streamline all stages of the process – from design to delivery, no matter what industry you're in. It's comprehensive yet easy to use, and lets you effortlessly create, publish, and manage content for all your displays.


Create Content Like a Pro              

With X-Sign's elegant templates, creating new content is as easy as posting on social media. Select from over 150 design templates and easily customize the layout for your business. The X-Sign design team is constantly creating new templates to reach more market segments.
X-Sign supports touch interactions and enables you to create an engaging user experience with interactive menus, product catalogs, and maps.
X-Sign is Pantone validated to ensure color accuracy.

Dynamic Content 

X-Sign offers the ability to create dynamic content that adapts to changing circumstances such as low inventory, updated pricing or even changes in the weather forecast. Moreover, content can be changed based on pre-set conditions such as the time of the day or day of the week.

Cross-platform Compatibility         

Templates are available for all types of business applications and with support for all types of displays, including 4K, FHD, stretch displays, and video walls. 


Whether you are using Windows, iOS, or Android devices, you can quickly stream content to X-Sign and enjoy the most splendid visuals. 


Intuitive Scheduling

X-Sign enables intuitive advance scheduling of content via a web-based calendar that can be accessed from a laptop or mobile device. It makes it easy to set a time when content should be distributed, either during a specific time of day or on a daily sequence.

X-Sign allows you to group displays by department or location, so you can deliver relevant content that is relevant for the location.


Remote Device Management

Remotely control all of your displays from a centralized, off-site location. Monitor display performance in real time, control basic functions, see what content is playing on each display, and receive error alerts.



Cross Platform Publishing

X-Sign can search for devices on the same domain, using the Wi-Fi network, allowing content can be delivered wirelessly, via the cloud. In addition, content can also be delivered via the LAN or on a USB.


X-Sign supports all types of displays, including different display brands, sizes and platforms. Whether you are using Windows, iOS, or Android devices, X-Sign has you covered.




Track Touch Engagement with Centralized Data Collection

Engagement can be tracked based on time, location, and what items customers interact with. 
By exporting this data to a csv file, merchants can quantify their customers' shopping preferences in tables and charts and use this data to develop more engaging content.

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