Cinema POS & Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Cinema POS and Kiosk Ticketing Solutions

From ticketing kiosks to concession and box office point-of-sale, Partner Tech offers solutions that streamline your theater operation, resulting in shorter lines, more revenue and satisfied customers.

Still recovering from the pandemic, movie theaters and the entertainment industry as a whole, are facing rising labor costs and staff shortages. At the same time, moviegoers are looking for quick and easy access to tickets and concessions. As a result, theaters are looking for solutions that reduce operational costs while creating a better guest experience.
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Box Office & Concession Stand POS

No matter if you operate a box office or a concession stand, speed is everything. Partner Tech’s turn key Cinema POS hardware paired with our partners’ POS software, delivers lightning speed and high accuracy, translating into shorter transaction times and more sales. More tickets can be sold up until the show time and guests are able to make their concession purchases in time for the show to start.


Sleek & Durable Design


Because every theater is different, Partner Tech offers a large selection of peripherals that allows the solution to be customized. As an example, large customer-facing displays make seat selection much easier and reduce the risk for mistakes when customers place concession orders.

Audrey touch screen POS combined with the printer RP-700 and the PM-156 monitor as a very popular POS setup for cinemas.






Restaurant-grade Touch Screen POS

Crowds are finally returning to the cinema after pandemic. As a result, theaters are looking to hire, but filling open positions is not easy and labor costs are are on the rise.

The Importance of Speed
Theaters need to keep people moving through ticketing and concessions lines, so people can make it to their seats before the show begins. With staff shortages sometimes being an issue, long lines to purchase refreshments is a challenge. If the wait is too long, guests may decide to skip it — and since the majority of a cinema’s profits comes from concessions, theaters can’t afford missing out on the sale.

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Kiosks Quickly Add Extra Capacity 

With labor shortages and rising labor costs, self-service kiosks can be used to speed up ticketing as well as ordering of refreshments from the concession stand.

Partner Tech offers several kiosks solutions that can streamline both ticketing and concession purchases, including Alfred AD-215Alfred AD-156Baldwin and K27II. As a result, moviegoers can skip the lines at the box office and instead use the kiosk to purchase tickets or pick up of will call tickets. The kiosks can also be used for ordering and paying for refreshment from the concession stand, allowing staff to focus on the fulfillment of the order.


Mobile POS & Line Busting

With a larger audience returning to the cinema, theaters are looking to reduce lines and keep people moving through the lobby. During peak hours, mobile computers and tablets can be used for line busting and mobile ticket sales at the door. Tablets can also be used for in-seat concession orders inside the theater.


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Ticket Redemption/

Nowadays, most tickets are purchased in advance and often issued as an electronic ticket. As moviegoers arrive at the theater, mobile computers can be used to quickly redeem tickets at the door. Tickets are validating by scanning the barcode on a paper ticket or phone display. By using mobile computers during peak hours, the capacity can quickly be increased to avoid long lines in the lobby.

Digital Signage

Bring your store to life by incorporating the digital signage in your stores. By using displays for ads, videos, and interactive product content, you can create a more engaging shopping experience. For this purpose, Partner Tech offers a large selection of interactive 4K digital signage. The content is managed in real-time and the displays can be connected to the POS for up-to-date pricing and availability.

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